Updates on Sewing Up My Fabric!

Since I originally posted my description of this blog, I have somewhat erred from my intention. I have actually bought much more fabric than I had but ................. in my defense, I got the solids at 50% off and the quilt shop fabric at 75% off, so that doesn't count, right? LOL

Saturday, March 19, 2016

RSC16 Updaates

RSC 16  Purples and Yellow
I made 12 purple butterflies, but when I put them in a column, they didn't look too much like anything, so I added a column and alternated my butterflies with 6-1/2" blocks. I plan to embroider antennae on them, but haven't done that yet.
The link for the RSC16 project can be found on the right side of this blog.

Quilt Addicts Annonymous BOM
Since I am trying to incorporate the RSC16 colors each month with my other BOMs, I now have 4 blocks done for the Quil Addicts Annonymous BOM.  I am really anxious to see how this is going to look when it is all put together.

Persimmon Dreams Scrap Challenge
These are leftovers that I squared up and plan to use in the Scrap Challenge


Marly said...

I think it's a nice idea to embroider antennae on the butterflies; I'd never have thought of doing that!

Cathy said...

So clever to alternate your butterfly blocks with plain ones. They will be cute with antennae!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Wow!! LOTS of quilting going on at your house!!

Cathy said...

The black backgrounds make all of your projects look like gems!

PaulaB quilts said...

The added black blocks form a totally different pattern and the butterflies seem to be hiding, maybe still in their cocoons. Love the black back for the twinkles.

scraphappy said...

Creative idea in the butterflies -- busy seeing week for you!

Sally T said...

Wow! I love seeing the rows laid out and the quilt addicts blocks look...well...addicting.

Kat Scribner said...

Two rows of butterflies - how pretty! Thank you for your comment on my blog. I can't find an email addy for you, so posting here. Your projects are beautiful.