Updates on Sewing Up My Fabric!

Since I originally posted my description of this blog, I have somewhat erred from my intention. I have actually bought much more fabric than I had but ................. in my defense, I got the solids at 50% off and the quilt shop fabric at 75% off, so that doesn't count, right? LOL

Friday, September 30, 2016

Finally got this quilted and bound!

Saturday Sampler from Local Quilt Shop
This quilt top was at least 5 years old and has been waiting patiently for me to become confident enough to quilt it.  I had "quilters block" when it came to these sampler blocks until Natalia Bonner's new Craftsy class became available called "Free-Motion Motifs for Classic Blocks".  This course was like a light bulb going off in my head.  I quilted the actual blocks in no time at all.  I am not as proud of my quilting of the sashings but I am ok with it.  I count it as practice.  Most of my quilts go to my family and they aren't too picky.  They are very appreciative. My inner and outer borders turned out nice.  The cross-hatching on the outer border was a bit time-consuming.

A close-up of a few of the blocks.

These are the templates that I used in addition to some free-motion work.

I am linking up to the RSC16 group here.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Play With Me QAL Quilted and Bound!

Completed Play With Me QAL
This is the completed project with 9 game boards.  
It was interesting to learn about new games and their origin.

Showing Double-sided Binding
You can find more information about this QAL here.http://alidatweloqdesigns.blogspot.com/

Saturday, September 17, 2016

RSC16 Color of the Month is Rose

RSC16 Block of the Month is Staggering Steps
Unfortunately, my camera didn't capture the true colors of the fabrics.  
I am linking up with the RSC16 group here.

Quilt Addicts Anonymous September Block
I am using the RSC colors to make these blocks. 
 I am getting pretty anxious to see how these are going to look in the finished quilt.
You can find more information about this BOM here.

Busy Body QAL
Finish, quilted and bound!

Close-up of quilting.


Friday, September 16, 2016

Play With Me September Game Board

Play With Me QAL - Snakes and Ladders
This is the last block for this QAL.  Each month had a new game board with information about the origin of the game and how to play it.  The phrase "back to square one" originated from this block which Milton Bradley patented as Chutes and Ladders, but it's origin is in China. You can find information for all of the blocks here.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Crumb Quilt

I started out with this!
 My inspiration was the yellow strips, then I pulled my scraps of solids.

This is what I wound up with!
 I had enough variety to make twenty-five 12" squares, but I still had leftovers.  
I had enough grey and lavender to put an inner border, but I still had a bunch of little scraps. So....................I bought some adding machine tape and went to town sewing my little leftovers. 
 As you can see, I had enough to border the whole quilt.
I have not sewing the last border on.  I plan to starch it well before tearing off the adding machine tape.
Sewing those pieces onto the tape looks tedious but it went very quickly.  I precut my pieces to be a little larger than the tape before I started.  I think that helped speed up the process.

I still had fabric left.
 So I kept sewing onto the adding machine tape until I had it all sewn up. 
 I didn't have much of a variety at this point.  I am planning to put it on the back.

All that was left!
None of these pieces were large enough to put on the adding machine tape.
It is hard to believe that I could get a whole quilt top out of the scraps in this one plastic container!