Update: December 2016

Since I originally posted my description of this blog, I have somewhat erred from my intention. I have actually bought much more fabric than I had but ................. in my defense, I got the solids at 50% off and the quilt shop fabric at 75% off, so that doesn't count, right? LOL

My goal for 2017 is to completely finish one quilt per week including quilting and binding.

After all, we have to have a plan.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Having a Little Fun

Sewtogether Bags

I just love these bags.  They are a little tedious to put together, but I think I have finally gotten my "groove" making these bags.  They are so versatile.  Every time someone sees them they make a comment on how they would use them.  Everyone sees something different.  
This pattern can be found on Craftsy.

Sew-in Coin Purses
I have been wanted to make these for a while but I was really intimidated by them until I read a post by Mayra at So Sew Easy.  The link is here.

I also watched a few YouTube videos, but my main help was the encouragement from Mayra.  She made it sound so easy and it is!



I am pretty excited and a little disappointed. 
My goal for 2017 was to completely finish one quilt per week which would add up to 52 quilts by the end of December!

I am excited because I am on target for my goal.
I am a little disappointed to see that all of my quilts are stacked and they just don't seem as tall as I expected they would.  I am only missing quilt #24 because it is currently on my grandson's bed!

There are a total of 25 quilts stacked and most of them are queen or full size.

I knew I had a lot of quilts to finish and this is only the tip of the iceberg!

26th Quilt for 2017 - Quilted and Bound

Quilt #26 for 2017
 Made HSTs with 10" squares sewn around the edges of two squares, right sides together then cut them diagonally to make 4 HSTs.
Berenstain Bears Backing
I just happened to have enough fabric for the border and backing. 
I don't have much novelty fabric but this seemed to do the trick!

Quilt Info

Size:  55" square
Batting:  SewPerfect Polyester by Fairfield
Quilted on my Innove Sitdown Longarm Machine

NOTE:  No fabric, batting or thread was purchased in 2017 to complete this quilt.