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Since I originally posted my description of this blog, I have somewhat erred from my intention. I have actually bought much more fabric than I had but ................. in my defense, I got the solids at 50% off and the quilt shop fabric at 75% off, so that doesn't count, right? LOL

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Quilt Finishes for 2017 #31-35

My 2017 Goal
It was my plan to complete one quilt a week.  I was doing pretty good until life got in the way.  I don't know if I will catch up, but I am certainly going to give it a try!  According to the calendar, I am only 7 behind after this post!

Finish #31
This was a Saturday Sampler from my local quilt shop. I think it was from 2008.  The top was mostly finished, I just needed to add the piano key border and quilt it.
This one finishes at 72" x 88"

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Finish #32
This was a Christmas Row x Row from Fat Cat Patterns.
All I really needed to finish this one was the side trees, the gingerbread men, and to quilt it.
This one finishes at 84" square.

Finish #33
This was my first attempt at a weighted blanket.  It is for a little 4 year-old boy with autism and life threatening asthma.
I followed the instructions for the proper size and weight. It is 36"x42"
I will deliver it to him (his family) this week.

I was so proud of myself.  I was down to my last two pockets to fill with the pellets and I hadn't lost a one yet.  Uh oh, somehow the last two pockets of pellets ended up in my lap!  I can see that  my vacuum will be picking up pellets for a long time!

Finish #34
This quilt is for the 3 year-old sister of the little boy with autism.  I just felt like she should have a blanket too.
It is 42" x 48"


Finish #35
This quilt is for the 13 year-old sister of the little boy with autism.  I felt like she probably needed something special too.
Size: 64" x 72"


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